Friday, 30 September 2011

Dear my heart..


In my own life..


Nothing I can hear..

No body…

There no one I found here..

I look around..

Searching everywhere..

Looking for something..

But I don’t know what its is..

I feel empty..

I feel bored..

I feel the sadness..

I feel so lonely..

Everything seem to put me down..

Where am i?

What I waiting for..

I saw blood..

I smell the fear..

I found scars and scratched everywhere..

When I look around..

And I know..

I am inside my heart..

A Broken heart..

No!.. I don’t want to be like this..

Not anymore..

Dear my heart..

From now on, Please recover..

Smile even its hurt you..

Keep stronger when something hurt you..

I know you can..

Dear my heart..

Throw all the killer virus away…

Think of happy ending life,,

And all will be well..

Trust me and trust your self!!!!

7 Peluah Bicara - LeaVe your Comment Here.. =):

aimie amalina said...

wake up deaaa =]

Aien Najib said...

Allah is always by your side :)

budakijaupendek said...

ouhh... tak mahu sedih2...
gembirakan hati dgn orang tersayang,
friends and family cthnye.
jgn menyendiri ye! (:

Lia Irdelia said...

mimi ~
yeah... wake up2.. :)

Aien Najib ~
Yup.. InsyaAllah.. :)

Fara ~
hahha.. iam happy..

tq guys.. :)

Lea Isnawi said...

jgn sedih2 taw dear

cheer k :)

Lia Irdelia said...


yeah... ceria sudah... :)

~AmyLiana86~ said...

nape ni syg? sabar bebanyak k..kawan2 semua ada dicc lia...huhu

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